Anthony Cee is a Real Estate expert, dedicated to helping investors and home seekers make great choices and smart investment decisions that maintains and maximizes profit — a road map to financial freedom . 

A Professional Consultant, Real Estate manager, coach and public speaker in partnership with 37 Top real estate companies in 11 states across Nigeria and abroad. Anthony and his team are known for going the extra mile to investigate and examine every real estate deal to make sure it’s safe and profitable for investors and clients.

Today we have presence in the following states —

  • Lagos
  • Abia
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Anambara
  • Cross River
  • Delta
  • Enugu
  • Imo
  • Ogun
  • Oyo
  • Rivers

And our coverage extends to Dubai and the United Kingdom.

My team of experts are well focused on researching emerging locations and fastest developing regions with great potentials for fast returns on investments across Nigeria. We have invested and also helped clients invest in properties that rolled in a 150% returns within 12 months. Most importantly we have helped our clients get the most out of every deal as we pride in our expertise in delivering result.

Anthony have represented over 500 hundred people, industry professionals both in Nigeria and diaspora who have the resources but lack the time and people who are scared of dealing with Omonile, fraudulent agents and fake property dealers. People who understand the golden opportunity in Nigerian real estate industry but are scared of losing their hard earned money to fraudsters disguised as agents, and people who understand that real estate in nigeria is a gold mine but don’t know how to mine and extract this gold from it’s ore in its purest form .

Some of this people have had bad experiences in the past but their meeting with Anthony have change their stories

His Success is rooted deeply in understanding the real estate industry across Nigeria especially in the South (South-west, South-east, South-south and the middle belt of Nigeria) and using his wealth of knowledge to serve his clients interest and making sure his clients have complete advantage on every deal.


Helping investors achieve financial freedom using smart real estate investments


  •  Sourcing for the very best real estate investment deals and opportunities
  •  Making such deals available to clients and investors
  • Educating clients and investors on techniques of maintaining maximum profit while investing in real estate
  • Helping clients achieve financial freedom via real estate investment
  • Helping ordinary people, become extra ordinary through Coaching and Mentorship
  • Raising billionaire real estate investors. 

Core Values

Anthony is building a team of EXPERTS to help you succeed —

  • E=Experience
  • X =Xenial
  • P=Partnership
  • E=Excellence
  • R=Responsibility
  • T=Trustworthy
  • S=Solution