(A timeless wisdom for investors)

Every smart investor knows that Nigeria is  one of the best places to invest in when it comes to real estate but only a few are smart enough to know exactly where and when  to invest for maximum profit and fastest returns on investment. This article is designed to virtually take you by the hand and land you into the gold mine of Nigerian real estate investment opportunity.

With the stocks market dwindling and inflation on steady rise. Smart investors don’t only leverage on real estate to secure their wealth, they also invest in smart deals with 10x returns on investment (ROI).


  • One of the  most common ways to make money in real estate is through appreciation—an increase in the property’s value that is realized when you sell.
  • Location, development, and improvements are the primary ways that residential and commercial real estate can appreciate in value.
  • Inflation can also play a role in increasing a property’s value over time.
  • You can also make money in the form of income from rents for both residential and commercial properties, and companies may pay you royalties on raw land, for example; on any discoveries, such as minerals, oil or space for hardware and network installations

Before you initiate the search for a property, it’s super important you decide what you want to achieve with your investment portfolio because this is the principal thing that will determine the outcome of your investment. A lot of people fail in real estate because they don’t have an investment plan and hence take the gamblers step which always have a fatal ending. This is why I would recommend you read ➡️ 5 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS YOU MUST ASK BEFORE INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE and if you are new to real estate, see also – How to optimise profits while investing in Real Estate-What the rich do


A few years ago, Lekki phase 1 was formerly known as Maroko, a slum inhabited by poor people, before it was discovered by the then Raji Rasaki led State Military Government in Lagos. Raji Rasaki picked interest in Lekki because of  it’s proximity to Victoria island, Ikoyi and Lagos Island (Marina/Broad Street).  

Ebuka told me his story – his dad had an opportunity to buy a 10 plots of land in Lekki phase 1 at N600,000 naira per plot in 1999.  Today he (Ebuka) pays a rent of 3.5 million Naira in same lekki while an average plot goes at 150 million Naira.

Imagine if Ebuka’s dad bought that 10 plots at 600,000 Naira per plot in 1999. What would have been his returns on investment (ROI) today? A whooping  1.49 billion Naira!!

What if he built a 30 units blocks of flat similar to the picture below and have been collecting an annual rent of 3.5 million per flat in this 30 units apartments? Imagine the annual income this would have been generating to this family over this years. Imagine if this was you, would you take the chance or would you be like Ebuka’s Dad?


Today, Ibeju Lekki is growing fast into a mega commercial and Industrial City as the small city promises to deliver over 70% of Nigerian revenue by 2025. Prime locations in Ibeju-lekki is expected to outgrow lekki phase 1 by 2030

Right here we are seeing history about to repeat itself, Lekki phase 1 came from behind to outgrow the likes of Yaba, Surulere, Ikeja and festac to become almost the same value with Ikoyi and Victoria Island. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Ibeju-lekki comes from behind to outgrow lekki phase 1 in few years from today.

However Ibeju Lekki which covers a total area of 455 million square meters will experience different levels of growth. To understand this properly, you might need to study the Ibeju-lekki Master plan before making your investment decision.

Request a copy of the Master plan using the WhatsApp button below.


Every smart investors digs deep to understand the factors that drive the real estate market in his location of choice. This is a part of due diligence required by every investor who wants to maximize profit while investing in Real estate.

The following are some of the revolutionary projects ongoing in the small City of Ibeju Lekki which at completion, will give investors a reason to celebrate because of the positive effect it will have on their properties –

1 New Lagos international Airport.

2. Cargo Airport

3. Lekki Deep sea Seaport.

4. Lekki Free Trade Zone ( home of over 70 multinational businesses).

5. Dangote Refinery (Single largest train refinery in the world)

6. Power Oil plant

7. Cowbell Industries 

8. Dangote Petrochemical Company

9. Dangote Gas Plant

10. Dangote Private Sea Port.

11.Dangote  private Jetty

12. Dangote power plant.

13 Two international golf courses

14. Dangote fertilizer company, (biggest in west Africa).

15. Pan Atlantic University.

16. Elenganza industrial city.

17. Dangote Estates

18. 21 banks 

19. Nigeria Construction Bank (A New Project).

20. La-Campagne Tropicana Resort

21. Fourth main land bridge (connecting ikorodu to the island via ibeju-lekki).

22. A new Shoprite(proposed to be the biggest in Africa)

All these Projects are attracting churches, hospitals, Markets, offices, schools banks and influx of people and this will boost the real estate market in this region. Investing in Ibeju Lekki could be your smartest decision this year if investing is done right

Experts have predicted that prime locations in Ibeju Lekki will generate an average of 150% returns on investment per annum and we have experienced this happening back to back since 2017 and sometimes the returns have exceeded this figure in best locations

Smart investors will be—

1. Earning rental income by providing housing and accommodation to the teaming population which will include company employees and independent businesses owners

2. Providing Schools or reselling properties with a very high profit margin to schools and educational institutions who will be coming in later to bring their services closer to the teaming population 

3. Reselling land to Churches and Non governmental organisations who will also come in later 

4. More rental income to be generated from independent offices and businesses such as law firms, laundry shops, barber shops, make up shops, hospitals, consulting firms and other special service providers 

5. More rental income will be generated from expatriates who will be working with this prestigious companies, the airport and seaport too. Foreign investors and employees in these companies will also need accommodations too.

6. Hotels and short let apartment will also be on a very high demand  as the area will attract a lot of businesses visitations and tourism 

Dangote alone is projected to employ over twenty two thousand direct staff. And  indirect staff might double or triple this number, not to mention the staff to be employed by other companies and multinational businesses 

Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. A 455,000,000Sqm  of land is becoming a financial hub of Africa and the world. Smart investors, who invest in smart deals in the smartest locations within and around this region , will make most profit and fastest returns on their investments 



The sad truth is that you might put things off till tomorrow but tomorrow may never come. Where will you be a few years down the line? Will you be everything you ever dreamed of, Or will you be like Ebuka’s dad?

We seal our fate with the choices we take


Anthony Cee is a real estate expert dedicated to helping investors maintain maximum profit and fastest returns while investing in real estate. he also have a beautiful track record on real estate management that generate maximum CASHFLOW.

Talk to Anthony

“Smart People Makes Smart Decisions”


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