Who Is Anthony Cee?

Anthony is a Real Estate expert, dedicated to helping real estate investors and home seekers make great choices and smart investment decisions that guarantees maximum Returns on Investment and peace of mind — a road map to financial freedom.
A Real estate consultant, investment coach, Public Speaker, Marketing expert and property manager with the result you’ve been looking for.


Dedicated to helping you succeed – Our services are outlined in the boxes below. Click for more details…

We just want to secure you nothing but the best deals that suit your investment purpose and maximizes returns. Visit our Portfolio page via the page menu or Tell Us Exactly What You Want On +2348181332244. Remember we are dedicated to helping you suceed. Below are our latest portfolios


We have loved working with Anthony He was very patient walking us through the process and answering all of our questions. His understanding of the real estate market is simply amazing. We would recommend Anthony to anyone looking For investment property in Nigeria . 

Thank you Anthony 


After reading your investment tips on naira land, I checked you out on Facebook and decided to buy my first property with you. I am so happy because when I came back to Nigeria at Xmas, the property was exactly the pictures and descriptions you sent me. What really made me happy is that you perfected the document. All I did was to sign my signature. Thank you so much Tony.

Kayode Emmanuel

Tony, I actually wish I met you a long time ago. I used to think real estate consultant is a baptismal name for agents trying to just make sells and earn commission. You just made me understand real estate investing. Wow. I am really happy to meet you

Gideon A

Ever since I met you in September 2019, my perception about real estate investing have changed. Today I am beginning to understand real estate investing. Thanks for helping me invest in great deals. Don’t worry Tony. I am sending you chains of referrals and my business with you won’t stop 

Kenneth Amechi

    Smart investment tips, secrets to financial freedom served fresh and warm from the tables of Anthony Cee
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